Membership Q&A

How you become a member?

In accordance with the Revised Scheme approved under the Enabling Resolutions, the SC and the SCC hereby agree that all entrance fees / contributions paid by the SCC Founding Members to the SC (hereinafter referred to as “the SCC Founding Members’ Contributions”) and all the advances paid by the SCC Founding Members to the SC (hereinafter referred to as ‘the SCC Founding Members’ Advances”) to fund the Golf Resort development shall be extinguished in the accounts of the SC in consideration of the SCC Founding Members being issued with memberships in the SCC so that the SCC Founding Members will from the Effective Date utilize and enjoy the facilities of the Golf Resort as members of the SCC and arising from this, the SC shall no longer be liable to repay the SCC Founding Members of SCC Founding Members’ Advances and neither shall the SCC Founding Members, whether individually or collectively, nor shall the SCC have any claim against the SC for the SCC Founding Members’ Contributions or the SCC Founding Members’ Advances.

Can I Apply to be an 'Absent Member'?

No, there is no provision of “Absent Members” in the SCC Constitution and every member must pay the monthly subscription of RM 108.00 and those who opt for golfing facilities the additional Golfing Fees of RM 97.20. 

Is there any subscription for travelling Member?

No, there is no provision in the SCC Constitution.

Can I sell my membership?

Yes, you can sell. Please contact our membership department or email [email protected] for further details.

If I terminate my membership at SCC, will this termination affect my membership with The Sarawak Club?

Not at all.

How much is the current entrance fees to be member of SCC?

Currently, the entrance fees are RM 10, 800.00.

How much is the Monthly Subscription?
SubscriptionAmount (RM)
Individual Members – Ordinary Subscription (C)RM 108.00
Individual Members – Golfing Fee (C)RM 97.20
Corporate Members – Ordinary Subscription (C)RM 108.00
Corporate Members – Golfing Fee (O)RM 97.20
Associate Members – Ordinary Subscription (C)RM 54.00
Associate Members – Golfing Fee (O)RM 48.60
Junior Members – Ordinary Subscription (C)RM 54.00
Junior Members – Golfing Fee (O)RM 48.60

*All prices shown above are inclusive of 8% Service Tax effective 1st March 2024*

*Junior Members for 16-21 years old only

C – Compulsory
O – Optional

What is the transfer Fees?

RM 2, 700.00

inclusive of 8% Service Tax effective 1st March 2024.

Can I terminate my membership now?

Yes, please fill in the Termination Form provided by SCC and submit back to us. All outstanding balance must be paid upon termination. There shall be no monetary refund involved in this termination.

Can I withdraw my Golfing Fee from the monthly subscription?

Yes, thereafter you can only subscribe back to the golfing fees after 1 year from the date of withdrawal.

Can I terminate my Associate Members and Junior Members?

Yes, please fill in the required form, thereafter when your Associate members and Junior members returns to the membership, the application will be processed as new applicant and entrance fees must be paid.

What is my membership Number at SCC? Where can I collect the membership card?

Your membership number is the same as with The Sarawak Club. Just add a “0” in front of the current 3 digits and 00 for 2 digits in front of the number.
e.g Sarawak Club No – L815 , Samarahan Country Club – SCC-L0815.
Please collect your card at our SCC Counter.

What if I lost the card or card broken?

New card can be issued at RM 22. Please refer to the membership department.

Mode of payment.

There are few options that is available to make payment for our club.

  1. Online Banking Transfer. This is the club’s bank account number Malayan Banking Berhad 5612-8400-4206.
  2. Pay by cash, credit card or cheque at the club’s counter located at Kota Samarahan (Monday to Sunday: 7:00 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.)
  3. Using Paybills to make payment.
  4. Auto Debit by Credit Card. Please obtain the application form from the club’s counter.
  5. Jom Pay : Biller Code: 1685
  6. eWallet QR Pay